... you are facing any of the challenges below.

You have been working successfully as a leadership or management trainer and facilitator, as coach or consultant and have built a network with other freelance trainers, consultants and coaches which you are managing and coordinating. For you this means you need to be constantly on the road meeting your clients and to be in the classroom teaching but, at the same time, it is expected from you to attend to internal scheduling, invoicing, communication with clients and participants – basically to handle the full training administration for the network?

Your Training / Consulting company does already have a back-office which efficiently handles the internal coordination, however, your clients wants you to also take over their internal training administration such as participant registration, support and communication, setting up and manage courses in their LMS, etc. and you need a reliable partner with years of experience and existing infrastructure in this area?

You would like to use your own training administration support staff rather than to outsource this service. However, you need help with creating structures and processes and develop your employees so they can take over these tasks?

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